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Percy Harvin: No beef with Vikings' Christian Ponder

After Harvin was traded to the Seattle Seahawks in March, Yahoo! Sports cited two sources to report that the Vikings ultimately gave up on the receiver after he whined that Ponder wasn't an adequate signal-caller.

"That was false," Harvin told The Jim Rome Show on Thursday. "Me and Christian had a great time together. I respect him a whole heck of a lot.

"I never had a problem with him; I've never stated I had a problem with him. I've never seen a problem he's had with me; he's never said he's had a problem with me. (We were) on the same page, it's just a lot of articles that tried to pick up on things that weren't there."

Harvin clearly has no issues with his new quarterback, the Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson: "Big arm; he's very, very sharp," Harvin said.

It doesn't really matter what Harvin thinks of Ponder at this stage. Harvin is history in Minnesota.

The Vikings have shown great faith in their quarterback, but they found Harvin -- and his baggage -- expendable. Still, trading away one of the game's most dangerous weapons remains a bitter pill to swallow for Vikings fans, especially if Ponder doesn't grow into the signal-caller the Vikings' brain trust believes he can be.

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